whenever i make a blog the only things i post are "welcome to my blog", "sorry for not posting", "sorry for not posting"

Then don't make a blog per se. One alternative is to set up a personal site, not chronological, and post on pages set aside for specific subjects when you feel like it. Eventually you'll have written enough that you can rework the site into a book.

The Mastodon feed that you're already posting to is arguably enough of a chronological blog for most purposes.

@oldcoder (the software i'm running on this instance is pleroma, which is a different software from mastodon, just a dumb joke)

Actually, it's fair of you to point that out because the pleroma part is right there in your ID string and I said Mastodon regardless. Anyway, I was thinking of micro-blogging in general and the Fediverse which includes both systems is the best place for that.

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