Dear lazyweb: I've been pulling all my photos off GPhoto and iCloud for space reasons but I miss having them all searchable (well, semi-searchable what with Google ML's comical idea of what is a "cat" etc).

So it's probably time to get them all properly tagged and whatnot - what is a good Linux photo management package?

(Major bonus points if it can gather all the photos from the various directories they're in and leave symlinks so the various Inkscape files with embedded photos still work.)



1) For local use, try picty. I haven't tested picty myself, but it leaves photos where they are and that should solve the Inkscape problem. It seems to have a decent feature set as well.

2) Fallback local options include gThumb and Shotwell.

3) If this needs to be an online gallery, Piwigo and Coppermine are possible contenders.

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