today in objects that are not useful but still feel somehow too nice to recycle, this pretty box that a batch of postcards came in. I could... use it to hide snacks on a bookshelf?

@mcmoots honestly there is 0 reason to buy organizer boxes I have probably a dozen of these incredibly nice boxes I've saved

@ljwrites My drawer organizers are all, like, cereal boxes cut down to an appropriate height. The lid on this one actually makes it significantly less useful for most of my purposes.

Maybe I can cut the lid off without making it ugly. Or maybe I'll cut the lid off and make it ugly enough that I stop feeling bad about tossing it.


@mcmoots @ljwrites

1) I do the same thing; i.e., save small boxes and even bags that are nicer or more interesting than usual. If they don't take up too much space, why not? Objects more ephemeral than your secret snack stash are perceived as art.

2) You've reminded me of the webcomic below:

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