Would be great if @nextcloud had an Android calendar app

What do you recommend for now @fosstodon ?

Just had a talk with my sister trying to convince her to use Nextcloud for our family calendar
Ease of use for non tech savvy people is something we have to make progress on in order for FLOSS to reach the masses

She told me "had to install the DAV thing, didn't understand a s***"

But we carry on 💪

Btw, i love #nextcloud20


@sphyphes @nextcloud @fosstodon

It's tricky to sync the Nextcloud calendar with the default Google calendar in Android:


However, the page below says that the Nextcloud app includes a "Sync calendar & contacts" command:

So, does the Nextcloud app include its own calendar? Is the issue more about lack of sync with the Google calendar?

Note: I've used Nextcloud, but I haven't looked at this as I don't presently have the mobile app set up.

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