Self-hosting a fediverse instance:
✅ Easy
✅ Fun
✅ Pretty good instructions
✅ Worth doing

Self-hosting an email system:
✅ Hard
✅ Tedious
✅ Vague
✅ Uhhhhh?
I want to migrate away from Gmail. It's the final lynch pin in my migration away from proprietary services. But all I can think of is how painful this switch will be.

1. Cut away all the spam
2. Aggressively filter out a lot of stuff
3. Back up all the "good" emails worth having, if they exist (some are actually worth keeping)
4. Do some DNS wizardry
5. Set up the actual email server
6. Import filters, folders, and messages
7. Set up apps, one for web, one for phone
8. Wait for the inevitable shitstorm to die down.

That's a lot of steps. The real question is, is this actually worth it?
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One reason to proceed is that it's just going to get more difficult to leave if you stay. Eventually you may be locked in.

Another reason is that some of the steps aren't difficult with the right software. I switched to Mail In A Box myself 5 months ago and am happy with it.

MIAB takes care of most of the DNS setup. rDNS is one exception; that part needs to be set up externally.

MIAB works with Thunderbird for desktop and K-9 Mail for phone.

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