Hello fedi

I would like to find a way I can have a cold copy of articles that I view, something like a self-hosted archive.is … but it does it automatically for every site I visit.

Please help me find out how or where!


1) Yes, you can do this up to a point. However, manual capture works better than automatic.

2) One approach is Pale Moon plus ScrapBook X. This approach is simple, but it only works for some sites.

3) For near-perfect captures, learn to use WARC toolsets. I've tested openwayback and pywb and suggest starting with those two. This isn't plug and play but I've gotten it to work pretty well.

4) Links:


@oldcoder Thanks for the detailed explanation.

It looks like I’ll have to do some building to get exactly what I want!



I noticed Conifer but thought that it was a commercial service. However, I see that you've found a FOSS core. I'll give it a try later this Fall.

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@oldcoder I look forward to reading about it. Do you have a newsletter or an RSS feed?


I had an RSS feed for some years and plan to start a new one in 2021. Since you've expressed interest, I'll mention it to you at the time.

This is a link to one of my technical sites, presently paused but expected to resume next year:


I expect to distribute useful scripts that I've developed over the years, including site capture tools, on pages there. A more active FOSS tools site that I recommend is Fossies at:


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