Points to make:

1) It isn't an either-or decision. Your friends are free to keep their old accounts.

2) There is a decent phone app, Tusky, but they're not required to use it.

3) There is far less B.S. involved in simply logging-in to a account. I assume that most instances don't use captchas, demand phone numbers, or delete you for using an "unknown device".

4) This might clinch the deal: Launch your own instance. Then tell your friends that they can be admins. 😃

I've spent decades in that mode due to the loss of relevant people to death and time. It is what it is.

It helps to have even transient connections to others and the modern world does give us that.

Kids host birthday parties for each other in gamedev worlds. It's fun to see. I've made virtual cola bottles and bags of chips for such occasions.

I can offer you just a pixel cake
At least it's easy to bake
The pixel cake perhaps you'll take
Do not the cake forsake
Happy Birthday

I'm only presently aware of hashtags as the relevant feature in this context.

is similar to Twitter though designed to be more stable and typically more calm.

Some instances have an overall theme, but the development of communities is ad hoc.

Based on your posts this evening, it's possible that you might find it interesting to launch your own instance.

The idea would be to experiment with, and write about, theories related to the design and evolution of communities.

The answer is another question: What does self respect require of you in a given situation?

Does it feel right to shrug something off? If so, it's fine to do so. However, if silence feels more like surrender than dignity, it isn't wrong to speak up.

Don't bother to talk in dogpile venues such as Twitter, regardless. Leave mobs to their madness.

I've approached the issue, myself, at each level from shrugging things off up to becoming involved in wars of different types.

Residential hosting of low-traffic websites should work in general. Usually, there are just the two standard extra steps:

(a) Set up port forwarding for TCP ports 80 and 443
(b) Set up dynamic DNS for the domain names that you'd like to use

Frontier does apparently block port 25, but I don't see reports related to port 443.

If you need to be able to play old SWF animations and games, some Linux distros may still provide Gnash.

Gnash supports most of SWF v7 and some of v8 and v9. It doesn't support v10.


"Project ALF" (1996). It was a followup to the TV series that was oddly grim and poorly done.

was a family comedy. But the went like this:

1. In a typical scene, a scientist is electrocuted to death.
2. The antagonist's mother went insane and committed suicide due to an alien abduction, so he decides to torture and kill ALF.
3. ALF's human family, the Tanners, doesn't even have cameos.

In short, the movie was a misfire. It isn't clear what the writers were thinking.

@chiasm @ataraxia937
If you'd like little-known or novels with a focus on plot, here are 4 from 1898 to 1931, Later than the 1800s, but check them out.

1) "Gladiator", the grim inspiration for :

2) "The Time Stream", an early epic:

3) Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger". Satan's nephew visits a medieval town:

4) "Drowsy", an upbeat 1917 "mutant" novel:

I took down my instance due to difficulty with making it work. If there's interest, I'll set it up again in the next month and post or DM further. Thanks for the inquiry.

Note: I'm confident that Pixelfed will work out in the long run. The support for federated operations is simply at an early stage of development.

Most things would, I think, work the same way.

For example, you'd use "service" commands similar to the following just as you probably do now:

service nginx restart

When I switched from to , I didn't need to change anything at the levels where I manage processes.

The only difference I noticed was that a "cgroup" problem which I was having with "systemd" went away.

It depends on what you're looking for. The sitch is that there are distros for every niche.

For servers, I prefer straight Debian over Ubuntu but other developers and/or syadmins are happy with any number of alternative distros.

Actually, I recommend over after testing both recently. However, the difference between Devuan and Debian will only show up in certain cases.

FWIW I use Ubuntu for servers that run Mail in a Box (MIAB) because MIAB requires Ubuntu.

Mastodon nights call you
It doesn't matter what you call them
Toss little bottles into the social sea
See what the results may be
In comes the tide
Search for shells bona fide
Mastodon nights call you
Perhaps treasure will ensue

Coincidentally, I built and tested yesterday. Tips:

1) If you build without using Docker, a required tool named "single-file" may not be created. To see how to create it, read the Dockerfile.

2) Add the following settings to "ArchiveBox.conf":

FETCH_PDF = false
WGET_USER_AGENT = Mozilla/5.0

3) The separate-files (wget) mirrors are often incomplete. However, the single-file mirrors (the HTML files with embedded images) seem to be complete.

Have you ruled out the use of a VPS?

Note: My understanding is that a VPS counts as , though self-hosting does often refer to residential boxes.

One problem with residential is that outbound bandwidth may not be high enough for media.

A decent that will handle multiple services - Mastodon, websites, webmail, NextCloud, etc. - can be rented for $5 per month.

One problem with this approach is that you need to find VPS firms that have decent Billing and Tech Support.

I haven't been able to make cross-instance follows work yet for . I think that that feature is still under development.

For , residence on a single home instance might be enough for most purposes.

I've registered on a few different Mastodon instances, but operate primarily on my own node and have no difficulty in doing cross-instance follows. Direct messages work fine as well.

If you mean that a dog of yours, or one that you know, has suffered a stroke, please accept condolences.

The dog is, or was, most likely aware that it was cared for.

This is the part that matters: that people do what is possible for others, human, canine, or feline and that others feel not only accepted but welcome. That they know they have a home.

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