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You make 100s of public posts a day. How is it that email to 1 person is higher social anxiety? If you don't settle the issue and nobody else will email the admin for you, I'll do so.


I had an RSS feed for some years and plan to start a new one in 2021. Since you've expressed interest, I'll mention it to you at the time.

This is a link to one of my technical sites, presently paused but expected to resume next year:


I expect to distribute useful scripts that I've developed over the years, including site capture tools, on pages there. A more active FOSS tools site that I recommend is Fossies at:


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I think that openwayback per se is designed more for interaction with full web browsers but there are parts of these toolsets that you can run in CLI. Lynx could be used to trigger captures by way of CLI scripts.


1) Regarding the grievance: Yes, I started to write my own tools in 1995 to capture websites for this and other reasons.

2) Q. Why not capture everything? A. In the past, disks cost a lot more and complete and automated captures, especially for https sites, were more difficult.

But 1 TB disks, even SSDs, are cheap now and the Squid approach is both fast and automatic. So I'll probably capture more pages automatically in the future.


I noticed Conifer but thought that it was a commercial service. However, I see that you've found a FOSS core. I'll give it a try later this Fall.


1) These tools do work though in different ways. One of the WARC tools saves captures in multiple formats. You'll find that only the WARC format and multimedia files work well.

2) I started to do this in 2006 using pre-Quantum Firefox and the original ScrapBook extension. It's nice to still be able to read websites that are long gone.

3) There's one more approach that's tricky but automatic as you wished. One sets up a copy of Squid to decode https and cache content forever.


1) Yes, you can do this up to a point. However, manual capture works better than automatic.

2) One approach is Pale Moon plus ScrapBook X. This approach is simple, but it only works for some sites.

3) For near-perfect captures, learn to use WARC toolsets. I've tested openwayback and pywb and suggest starting with those two. This isn't plug and play but I've gotten it to work pretty well.

4) Links:



Actually, "libcpap" would be a good idea. These devices run relatively complicated systems.


If witches chocolate me sent
I for one wouldn't tell them to get bent
Chocolate is calories that cause harm
But I'd find it difficult to raise the alarm



One reason to proceed is that it's just going to get more difficult to leave if you stay. Eventually you may be locked in.

Another reason is that some of the steps aren't difficult with the right software. I switched to Mail In A Box myself 5 months ago and am happy with it.

MIAB takes care of most of the DNS setup. rDNS is one exception; that part needs to be set up externally.

MIAB works with Thunderbird for desktop and K-9 Mail for phone.


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It's tricky to sync the Nextcloud calendar with the default Google calendar in Android:


However, the page below says that the Nextcloud app includes a "Sync calendar & contacts" command:

So, does the Nextcloud app include its own calendar? Is the issue more about lack of sync with the Google calendar?

Note: I've used Nextcloud, but I haven't looked at this as I don't presently have the mobile app set up.


Have you tried browsing your instance's "What's Happening" feed? Most posts won't be "amazing" but "interesting" is pretty common.


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1) I do the same thing; i.e., save small boxes and even bags that are nicer or more interesting than usual. If they don't take up too much space, why not? Objects more ephemeral than your secret snack stash are perceived as art.

2) You've reminded me of the webcomic below:


Agile is the best approach to life
The way to avoid mental strife
Increment is Testament
Tell Waterfall to get bent
In the end, we'll dance and play the Fife


1) For local use, try picty. I haven't tested picty myself, but it leaves photos where they are and that should solve the Inkscape problem. It seems to have a decent feature set as well.


2) Fallback local options include gThumb and Shotwell.

3) If this needs to be an online gallery, Piwigo and Coppermine are possible contenders.


Log-out is O.K. but don't power-off until it's time to do so.


Three places: (a) Google News (b) Selected weblogs (c) An Android app named Flym (which aggregates RSS feeds). This is probably a typical combination.

I haven't watched TV much since 2007 except for clips on YouTube.

I used to fall asleep each night while reading S.F. novels and stories. Lost that about a decade ago but now I fall asleep while reading Flym and sometimes Mastodon.


In you like, feel free to design a Final MT world to go online. I've hosted a number of specialty worlds since 2012.

Pictured: "Wasteland" by a Fallout (tm) fan. Denny the dino hunts a bunny in post-apocalyptic ruins as the player prepares to throw dynamite. This world needs an MT 4 or MultiCraft 1 or 2 client and is located at:

minebest.org port 30027

The builder is msn from Edgy McEdge's copy of Block City (created in part by yours truly).


Actually, it's fair of you to point that out because the pleroma part is right there in your ID string and I said Mastodon regardless. Anyway, I was thinking of micro-blogging in general and the Fediverse which includes both systems is the best place for that.

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