I posted the link for others who might wish to watch the film. I haven't seen it myself but might review it over the weekend.


This is a 1936 vision of 2036 as opposed to a 1920 vision of 2077, but perhaps it'll be of interest:


Watching this film, one realizes how far off our own vision of a Star Trek future is likely to be. Not the tech part. Tech is likely to outpace our wildest expectations. Where speculation breaks down is that when people picture the future, it's usually a future that's populated by people like themselves.

Mail In A Box. You can't get more private. Though I'm not sure that I understand the "unencrypted" part:



I didn't know that. Upon review, I see that shellac was mixed with different types of materials; shellac by itself would have been too fragile. None of the materials used, I take it, were especially robust. If 78s get wet, they'll blister and grow mold. O.K. So, not the best format for archival storage.


Do you mean for the record player as a whole? If so, I'm referring just to pulley-motor kits. I don't know this sector but I see references to kits of this type in the Vinyl Engine forums.

Good luck, regardless. The consensus seems to be that we did give up something when we switched away from vinyl.

Link: "Feuding and Fighting" (1947 78rpm). Not a classic, but I used to own a physical copy of this one.


There are kits for this. However, if you'd like to build it from scratch, the forums at the following site may be helpful:


@Citizenzibb@fosstodon.org @kiri

In general, those emails are scams that are targeting you and your bank account as opposed to an estate. There is no estate. In rare cases, the offers may be attempts at "stings". But usually the idea is transfer your own funds to the person who is writing.


It's not clear why. Regardless, you'll agree
there's still things to see
The end will come soon enough
Before you go, do some stuff
If I had a dollar for everything I didn't do
The riches of Croesus I'd accrue

But I don't have the riches, so I'll tell you true, the past is what I rue
If you're bored, mate, don't wait for a later date, let create til you're insensate be the fate to celebrate


Read, write, make a site
Walk the cat
Cooking is all that
No need for fog
Teach the dog to blog

Odd anime, review
Let O_O ensue
Parasyte What the Hell
Your own comic you could sell
What odd sitch would there be
They already did Punk Rock Jesus

/me, it should be clear
Of boredom has no fear
Bored is to be abhorred
To kill Time is to injure Eternity
So of rhymes I claim paternity

I like to rhymes
Not once upon a times
But all day and all night
Dance with Devil in pale moonlight


You could write a script that loads webcomics which have updated in iframes. It's not an ideal approach because you'd probably need to scroll in each case.

A better approach might be to write a program that downloads the current page for each updated webcomic, strips non-essential parts, and combines the results into a single page to be displayed.

I used to read about 100 webcomics this way, though my program focused primarily on base images and skipped most other content.


In quantity, web hosting is basically free. You can get a that's powerful enough to host from 1 to 50 light websites for $2.00 to $3.00 per month.

A VPS that's able to host heavier sites plus a Mastodon node, a photo gallery, an email server, a Google Drive work-alike, an IRC network, and perhaps a few game worlds costs only a little more.

We didn't get the future that we were promised, but the , at least, turned out to be both ridiculously powerful and for everybody.


1) It may not qualify as decently designed, but feel free to use the HTML5 and CSS3 code from my template at this link:


It's simple, static, JS-free, and mobile-responsive.

2) There's an older version at the following link:


This one uses JS for statistics, but it's easy to delete that part. There's also some JS and dynamic content on subpages and linked pages.

#2 omits the fixed header bar in #1. Yes, it also has too many buttons.

@Tay0 @ataraxia937

I've focused to the extent possible on Perl, though with some attention to 'C', Java, JS, Lua, Tcl, PHP, Python, and bash, for 30 years. I'd like to hear more about the Perl jobs in question.

The Perl Song:

Perl is friendly and fierce
Perl all problems shall pierce
Perl is the duct tape
That holds together all things
Of Perl God sings

Perl is far from trite
Perl is all things beautiful and bright
Perl is a magical sight
Perl each day and each night


That isn't partitioning of your mind; i.e., compartmentalization. It's the simple reality of two curves racing, both seeking to be the first to go asymptotic and to define the future of our world.


In the context of Amazon and Google, probably so. I don't know much about Twitch. That leaves Github. What's the matter with the various Github hosted alternatives and/or Gitea?


Yes to both questions, "out there" and "handle". As a related note, you'll find this venue less toxic, in general, than Twitter. Issues can arise, but dogpiles are less likely.

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