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I'm not sure a reply in Mastodon will work, but, sure, I'll try it.
If you found the weblog, you could have emailed using addresses listed there.
Regarding the rest, it's amazing how far they've tried to take it for 2.5 years now. It's probably time to write a new iteration of the story. I'm trying to decide if there's a point to it or not.

@slopsbucket It's mostly buzzwords for concepts that are either simple or nonsense.
This particular site is an interesting experiment. It's presently empty but can access other federated sites.

Minetest Tooter

Mastodon server for creative rational­ists. In­tend­ed for light or tech­nical discussion as op­pos­ed to strong debate.

Discouraged: Identity poli­tics, religion, profanity, national events, X-rated dis­cus­sion or materials. We might set up other ser­vers for those things.

Encour­aged: Crea­tive Com­mons works, Mine­test and other FOSS games, FOSS, writers, artists, reci­pes, rhymes, cat photos, G-rated web­comics.