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Then don't make a blog per se. One alternative is to set up a personal site, not chronological, and post on pages set aside for specific subjects when you feel like it. Eventually you'll have written enough that you can rework the site into a book.

The Mastodon feed that you're already posting to is arguably enough of a chronological blog for most purposes.


1) I'd like to suggest that people mirror and distribute MiniTube as well:

forced the developer to disable access to most content but I wrote a patch for that and will distribute the patch if this is still an issue.

2) My mirror of your -dl mirror (including the different branches) is located at:

3) I gather that youtube-dl is already back up at Github under different project names:

There actually is no point to DST. It causes health problems and does little of value to balance them.


The accomplishment does matter. Congratulations.


Link to the latest git source code, which includes the code that you linked (git keeps copies of old releases). There are a number of mirrors out there already, including this one:

Preserving the source code isn't going to be a problem. The key issue is support and encouragement for the devs. The code will cease to work without ongoing development.

I did so in August. It pretty much required a legal case to do so and one of the leads at the firm that they delegate CCPA requests to is now stalking me. He's writing to people I know at LinkedIn asking where I live so that he can come to harm me.

I recommend that people of all ages exit Discord. FWIW they have a significant number of members below the minimum age and that might help with a legal attack on the company. They're in violation of COPPA.

I don't know anything about the process or the industry, but have fun.


You are now basically Google with a dark theme. Looks fine. At a later date, look into either choosing a single font size for mobile and desktop or adding a CSS3 query to set a font size depending on the device and device orientation used.

@Phate6660 @blueberry

It looks good. I have only two more thoughts for now: You're using a 2 MB copy of the photo when a smaller copy would work. It's also a PNG file but is misnamed as a JPEG; this may confuse some web browsers.

I'd suggest converting the PNG to JPEG and scaling it down from 1920x1920 to 1280x1280. This should give you a decent copy that is only about 300 KB in size.

As you're displaying the photo at 375x375, there will still be plenty of quality to spare.


I didn't realize that it was residential. A mail server needs reverse DNS. I don't think that you can get that with residential.

You can certainly host other services such as Nextcloud, Mastodon, and websites at home if you have port forwarding and dynamic DNS set up.

The fly in the ointment is that residential connections do flicker off and on pretty often.

Perhaps consider a low-end VPS from one of the better hosts. You can get one for as little as $2 to $5 per month.

@friend @Novimatrem

The phrase "well-meaning devs" is so comical as to be side-splitting.

Talk to Maksym Hamarnyk, the man behind MultiCraft who owns the Minetest mobile market and will take the desktop shortly.

Maksym is no friend of mine -- he wanted my developers and that didn't end well -- and he'll tell you about the degree of vitriol and actual mental illness that he's observed among the troll devs.

The Old MT project is dead. Maksym and I will split what's left.

@friend @Novimatrem

I'll add that it does become wearisome to deal with false realities year after year. Supposedly sentient people take what they're told as physical reality and don't even check to see if a story is internally consistent.

It's going to make for quite a book and, yes, the book exists and IRL names will be used.

It's the last part that this is all about. It started, BTW, when a teenager DDoSed me for 3 days and laughed about it. I started to name the people involved.

@friend @Novimatrem

Thanks for the update. I'll pass this along to my former Minecraft people as they'll be interested. Regarding the rest of what you've said, see my preceding post.

@friend @Novimatrem

You're quoting disinformation that's been disseminated for 3 years and haven't obtained or expressed information in the facts. The true story involves harassment, stalking, and death threats directed at me for the same 3 years. See the statement to the police that I've filed. Express interest in the facts and you'll be entitled to comment.


You implied that something interesting had happened in Minecraft and/or Minetest. I've spent 8 years in the latter project. So, my question was quite sincere. I'd still like the answer.

The explanation of my interest and the link (for others and not just you) was perfectly reasonable. Additionally, the screenshot was humorous.

Your response is impolite and out of line. I have no intent to comply. If you don't like what I've just said, feel free to block.

Thank you for your time.


What's happened on the Minecraft side? I have a former modder from that ecosystem who'd be able to comment.

Note: I'm the most senior person left in , depending on whether or not you count Vanessa. To be clear, I don't have much to do with the MT 5 group.

If you like, I'll merge and distribute your subgame.

Pictured below: New Minetest characters adapted from Minecraft, including the fearsome and dangerous Lawyer. Only in Final Minetest.

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