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  1. This is a Mastodon server for creative rationalists. Intended for low-stress light or technical discussion as opposed to identity politics or national events. Profanity is discouraged to see if that helps.


  1. YouTube videos might not play on the first click. If this happens, click a 2nd time.

    This point only applies to embedded videos. If you click through on a YouTube link and go there, videos should always play normally.

  2. For admins, site settings can be reached at Preferences -> Administration -> Site settings or this link.

Code of Conduct

This isn't a legal document. Final interpretation is up to site management.

  1. In compliance with the Join Mastodon Covenant, this site practices active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.
  2. The following types of content, in addition to those listed in part 1 immediately above, may be removed and/or may result in account suspension or revocation:
    1. Excessive advertising or bot postings
    2. Profanity
    3. Depictions of any kind judged to be overtly sexual or excessively violent
    4. MAGA, Fundie, Nazi, or xenophobic material
  3. We encourage users to proceed, to the extent that it makes sense, as Vulcans might. Vulcans do not, for example, make death threats on a casual basis and they certainly do not dogpile.
  4. These provisions notwithstanding, site management reserves the right to revoke any user's access at any time and for any reason.

Privacy Policy

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